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Activity Description

**Available class schedule runs throughout Ramadan Only**

Uplift your body & mind with AirStretch.

Air Yoga (yoga in hammock) is a mix of elements of
classic Hatha yoga, acrobatics and pilates.

Contrary to belief, AirYoga is easier to perform
than standard yoga as the hammock assists you to perform asanas while being
This eliminates the feeling of downward pressure on the floor
commonly experienced in standard yoga while at the same time creating a feeling
of weightlessness and freedom to perform any movement without restriction. 

AirYoga helps to remove tension in the body by
gently and effortlessly stretching your muscles and ligaments through upright
movements for beginners and progressing to inverted poses for the more
experienced. There are many physical and mental benefits of AirYoga including
relieving stress & making you feel alive. 

**Note**: Avoid meals 2 hours prior to the class. Payments done online are non-refundable.

Outfit for the class:

  1. Comfortable
    clothing that does not restrict movement is essential. T-shirts, tops where the
    arm pit is closed is required. Non-sleeve vests are not allowed.
  2. It is
    advised that long hair is gathered in a tail to provide comfort during the

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