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Activity Description

​Dash is a unique Female Fitness Studio that TRANSFORMS Female Fitness in Bahrain with the latest International trends in Fitness and Healthy Lifestyle.

Class Description: Circuit Training combines both cardio and strength to support losing body fat, building lean muscles and improve overall fitness. 

Before the Class, First class is FREE! 

  1. Check our schedule on our website or Instagram account.
  2. Book your class online or by call.
  3. Arrive 15 mins early.

During the Class, BURN baby BURN! 

  1. ​Sport clothes and footwear are mandatory.
  2. The coach will assist you and guide you through the session.
  3. Keep water close, to stay hydrated. 
  4. Push HARD and have lots of FUN, our group sessions are the best! 

After the Class, you are Welcome! 

  1. ​​​Order one of our signature recovery protein shakes.
  2. Talk to our front desk office, and become a member.
  3. Welcome to DASH family.

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