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Activity Description

Book Taekwondo or Kickboxing personal classes for females, children and families with Master Shaden:

  • Certified (4) Dan Taekwondo black belt
  • Jordan's Ambassador for Youth Olympic Games, 2014
  • 13-year member of Jordan National Taekwondo Team
  • Asian Games Silver Medallist
  • Arab Cup Gold Medallist

Venue: Place must be provided by the customer and all bookings are subject to confirmation due to the availability of the Master


  • Sessions can be booked for the following durations: 1 hour, 1.5 hours, and 2 hours
  • For one-to-one training, the rates charged are BD15, BD20, BD25 as per the above order of durations
  • For each additional person joining the session, an additional BD5 is to be added to the total cost of the session. This to be paid upon arrival

Terms & Conditions:

  • The client must provide precise training location in order to ensure the timely arrival of the trainer 
  • The client must ensure availability of training space in case the selected activity is desired to be practiced in-doors and to bear any related costs of utilizing this space
  • The recommended indoor training space is 3x3 m2 per person to comfortably conduct the session
  • The trainer will come to the training location with the necessary training equipment for the selected sport at no extra charge
  • The client is advised to wear comfortable clothing for maximum benefit 
  • The client booking the session is the only one capable of adding clients to their booked session 
  • It is advised that group training is limited to 4 individuals to maintain a training program which is customized and suitable to each individual within the group
  • For cash payments:
    *The total cost of the session is to be paid in advance of the session
    **In case of no show or cancellation within 12 hours of the booked session by any of the group members, the full cost of the session is to be borne by the client booking the session
  • Clients are entitled to benefit from a 10% discount in the event of purchase of a package of 12 identical sessions  
  • While precautions are always taken where required, the trainer cannot be held responsible for any kind of injury materializing during the training sessions, neither any kind of damage or loss caused by clients to the training space

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