Unwind after a horseback riding tour by Karbabad beach and Bahrain Fort!

  • BHD 6
    15:00 1 hr

We can help you to learn ride, improve your skills, learn a new discipline or simply enjoy riding out.

  • BHD 100
    Riding Training Package 10 sessions lesson + 2 free sessions

Enjoy horseback hacking at Zallaq near the beautiful Beach of Al Jazaer

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Learn how to ride horses with professionals

  • BHD 5
    15:00 1 hour training

Had a very busy day? Have a relief while riding one of our fine horses outdoor the arena. Muharraq Horse Riding School was founded in 1980, and was previously called Smaheej Stable. The Stable then moved to Galaly Garden in the year 2000 to its new location, located on the map, It was renamed to Muharraq Horse Riding School. We are the first horse riding school in Muharraq and we are the first small animal park in Muharraq. The Park has various types of animals, such as birds, ostriches, crocodiles, monkeys, and foxes and there are also many horses. The horses are in stables, which enables the visitors to have a clear vision and move among the animals easily. When you visit the school you will get acquainted with the habits of these animals and see how they live their daily lives Also, there is a beautiful area with a waterfall and seats for all the visitors to sit and enjoy the surroundings. Muharraq Horse Riding School welcomes group visits from schools and kindergartens, clubs and associations, and can provide horse rides at a token price. The school rents out horses for special occasions for a symbolic amount. We also have horses for sale -You can find out our location by clicking on the below link. Muharraq Riding School is ready to meet all your requests for group visits parties.We also have camels, Arabian horses and Shetland Ponies for rent.Bouncy Castle for children.

  • BHD 10
    14:00 1 hr horse riding

Clear your mind with a short horse riding session.

  • BHD 4
    14:00 - 15:00 40 mins riding - without trainer

Bored? Then register in this four Hours course cost 40 BD, You will take it through 10 lessons "40 minutes per lesson", you will learn the basic skills in horse riding such as: walking, trotting, cantering. Also, you will have a knowledge about horses equipment.

  • BHD 40
    Learn Horse Riding - 10 sessions 10 sessions

Try camel riding

  • BHD 7
    15:00 Indoor Ride - 5 mins