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Activity Description

Wanna have a good time rowing a double boat at Bahrain Bay?

Venue: BRC at Bahrain Bay

90 minutes

Boat Capacity:
Each double boat can accommodate up to 2 seaters/rowers. 

Age: Subject to coaches discretion. 

Terms & Conditions:

  1. If you are a beginner, the coach's supervision will be mandatory. Hence, your booking may be rescheduled based on the availability of the coach
  2. All bookings are subject for final confirmation based on the availability
  3. You are requested to be there before 15 minutes from the booking time
  4. Come with suitable sports wear
  5. The coach will assess your skills before allowing you to hire the boats for rowing
  6. If you were found not capable to row, you will need to go for 1 on 1 coaching sessions
  7. If you are a member, you will not need to pay the rental fee of your seat. If there is a rower who is not a member, then he/she will need to pay the rental fee
  8. Each session lasts approximately 1.5 hrs and remains subject to availability. Strict policies on time and attire apply

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