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@Gravity Indoor Skydiving Bahrain, Skheer (Indoor Skydiving)

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Activity Description

Bold enough? Wanna do something different? Our awesome instructors will make sure that you can fly safely.

Available Packages:


  • Adults vs Kids! 10 Flights, 2-5 People Sharing (mix of adults or kids is fine!)
  • If your children like being thrown in the air, or jumping on a trampoline, this experience will literally blow them away! Divide the time any way you choose to make the most out of this experience!
  • 10 Minutes Time in the air  
  • From arrival to completion ≈ 90min
  • Equivalent to 2 skydives at 13,000ft
  • Price: 90 BD


  • Two ladies. Stand aside boys, girls are taking over!
  • 4 + 1 minute free flight
  • Enjoy the thrill of flying with our special package for a girls day out
  • 5 Minutes Time in the air  
  • From arrival to completion ≈ 90min
  • Equivalent to 2 skydives at 13,000ft
  • Price: 36 BD


  • Under 16s ONLY.
  • 5 minutes flying time per child. Max of 6 children per class.
  • Put your kids in the safe hands of our flying instructors and let them learn to fly. Strictly off-limits for adults!
  • Kids Club – Sunday to Thursday
  • From arrival to completion ≈ 90min
  • Equivalent to 5 skydives at 13,000ft
  • Price: 40 BD

Timing: Sunday-Wednesday: 10am to 10pm  & Thursday-Saturday: 10am to 11pm *

* The booking time that you choose may not be available. Hence, this will be discussed and agreed with you once we receive your booking. You can also call us to check the availability before placing the booking online.

Payment Method: Online (Credit/Debit cards)

Terms & Conditions:

  1. Your tunnel instructor may be male or female, our highly skilled instructors may have to physically guide you in the flight chamber
  2. Please arrive 1hr 15mins before your flight time. If you arrive late we cannot guarantee you a new flight time. Do not be disappointed and arrive in plenty of time! If you are unable to re-schedule that day, a re-scheduling fee of BD6 will be charged for your new flight time
  3. All bookings will be confirmed from our end once we check the availability with Gravity officers
  4. Once you book the package for any specific date, we will call you to check the preferred time. Then, we will confirm the time or suggest other times based on the availability of time slots
  5. Time could be changed subject to the availability
  6. No refund is allowed in case of cancellation or no show. Booking time can only be changed. An extra fee has to be paid for changing the time
  7. Changes can be made to any booking up to 72 hours before flights time. 
  8. Changes within 72 hours of flight a re-scheduling fee will be charged of BD6
  9. Full details of Gravity's terms and conditions can be found o

Contact: +973-36678922

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