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Rent luxurious swimming pools now

Venue: Aqua Park

Aqua Park was known as the first and most popular aqua park in Bahrain. After the recent renovation, it turned to a big sport complex. The company offers various sport facilities in reasonable prices. If you are thinking  about leaving your children in a safe place with an excellent atmosphere, this is a good choice. Facilities include indoor and out door soccer pitches (6 and 8 asides), 4 luxurious swimming pools and a gym.

Swimming Pool Facilities:

  1. Four Shaded swimming pools size 10m x 5m
  2. Pool Depth: 1m shallow & 2m deep
  3. Furnished big room
  4. Two bathrooms with Arabic and English WC
  5. Showers
  6. Open playground (eg. soccer can be played there)
  7. Car Park
  8. Food and beverage menu is available also


  1. Morning (8 am to 5 pm)
  2. Evening (8 pm to 5 am)

P.O Box 33662, Bu Quwah, Block 457 Road 3769, Bldg 3048

Terms of Use:

  1. The Customer must pay the full booking amount prior using the booked facility
  2. If the booking is on an official holiday, then the weekend price will be charged. Balance will be paid cash on arrival
  3. Prior using the swimming pool, a refundable amount of BD50 must be paid as an insurance fee. This will be returned ONLY if the swimming pool and the other facilities were left without any damages.
  4. Where Aqua Park provides the Customer with the use of grounds, facilities or equipment the Customer shall not use any of the grounds, facilities or equipment for any purpose other than agreed with Aqua Park
  5. The Customer shall regularly remove all rubbish and waste from any grounds or facilities used by the Customer and keep them in a tidy condition
  6. The Customer shall not use any grounds, facilities or equipment in any noisy, noxious, illegal or offensive way or allow anything or any act to be done on or in any facilities that causes a noisy or disturbance
  7. The Customer shall comply with all statutes, ordinances, regulations and bylaws relating to any grounds, facilities or equipment, or use of such facilities or equipment 
  8. The Customer doesn’t have any right to create any lease, tenancy or interest in Aqua Park ’s land. In any event the Customer shall not assign, sub-license, mortgage, encumber or part with possession of any grounds, facilities or equipment, without prior written approval of Aqua Park
  9. The Customer shall not make any alterations or additions to any grounds, facilities or equipment (including the affixing of signs or advertisements to the exterior of any facility), without the prior written approval of Aqua Park
  10. Aqua Park may at any time when the Customer is using the grounds or facilities, enter onto the grounds or into the facilities to check that the Customer is complying with these terms and conditions
  11. The Customer shall keep and maintain the grounds, facilities or equipment in the same repair and condition as they were at the commencement of use. If the Customer fails to maintain the grounds, facilities or equipment as required, Aqua Park may repair any damage and recover all costs associated with repairing the damage from the Customer 
  12. No alcohol is permitted on the premises unless there is written consent by Aqua Park
  13. Aqua Park’s facilities – especially indoor and outdoor soccer pitches - are smoke free. The customer is encouraged to ensure that participants do not smoke on the grounds booked 
  14. The customer cannot organize any events like birthdays, tournaments, charities or other events unless and until there’s a written approval from Aqua Park’s management
  15. The Customer shall give Aqua Park prompt notice of any accident or defect with the grounds, facilities or equipment the Customer becomes aware of
  16. Aqua Park is not responsible for any harm, damage or loss that occurs from the Customer’s use of the grounds, facilities or equipment
  17. The Customer shall ensure that all participants, players and people using the booked facility during the booking time obey the rules and regulations of the sport center. This includes not entering any part of the grounds or facility that is not included in the booking
  18. The insurance fee will be refunded to you within the working hours only 8AM-8PM. If you book the night shift, then your fee will be refunded the next day.

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