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Activity Description

Activity Description:

Mettle is a network of certified Personal Trainers providing fitness solutions. Our aim is to empower people to achieve their goals through health and fitness. Our methods revolve around exercise & nutritional coaching, motivation & behavioral change.

Our Vision is to enable positive transformation within the population in terms of Health, Fitness and Lifestyle. We believe this is not just limited to health & fitness but that this transformation will affect their life as a whole, helping them become the best, they can be.

Special Populations and Health Conditions: We are qualified to train clients with conditions like diabetes, arthritis, osteoporosis, high blood pressure, chronic heart diseases etc. We help reverse and maintain these conditions through specifically tailored programs, addressing the underlying issues.

Mittle Fitness Solutions

Venue: Platinum Tower, Seef, Kingdom of Bahrain


  1. One To One Personal Training / Partner Personal Training:

    A personalized workout program and nutrition coaching to help our clients achieve their goal with our advanced overload techniques and exceptional cardio exercises. This Package will allow us to fully focus on our clients body composition analysis and performance analysis.

    Our aim is to provide you with both mental and physical transformation as an individual or with a partner as a motivation to reach your goals together.

  2. 12 Weeks Fat Loss Program

    This 12 week program caters for clients looking to loose fat fast. Through our accelerated fat loss techniques, we provide clients with fast and effective methods,  while minimizing the risks involved.  The program involves regular body composition analysis, tracking your progress throughout the period, including working to increase your basal metabolic rate to maximize fat loss in and out of the gym. 

  3. Bride & Groom Boot camp: 

    We understand that everyone wants everything to be perfect on their wedding day, from the wedding dress to the location to the invitation, every little detail counts. What about your body? We at Mettle Fitness Solutions help our future bride & groom achieve their dream body shape for their big day. It doesn’t matter what the time frame,  whether a month or 10, we can get you looking great. You can also train together and motivate each other through the sessions.

  4. Mumz Shape up Program:

    This exercise program is designed for newly pregnant mothers aiming to get in shape before or after delivery which will also concentrate on posture corrective exercises and back care to avoid spinal slip disc and reverse pregnancy symptoms like diabetes by regulating the insulin production in your body.

  5. Mobile / Outdoor Personal Training:

    Many clients don't have the opportunity or time to visit the gym regularly, therefore our mobile PT sessions allow clients Train on their own time and in their preferred environment.

Ranges based on the package chosen

Payment method: Cash upon arrival (First trial session is free)

Contact: +973-36678922

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