Kids Swimming Program Test

@Blue x Bahrain, Manama (Waterparks )

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Activity Description

Terms & Conditions:

1. Registrations Fees are non-refundable

2. Kids age should be between 4 to 11 years old for the boys and between 4 to 9 for the girls.

3. Valid IDs of the participants to be presented at the registration desk

4. All necessary medical and registration forms must be filled before joining the program

5. All participants must be accompanied by their parents

6. BSA is not responsible for loosing any personal belongings

7. You need to present 2 pictures for the participant

8. BSA is not responsible for any injury to the participant before or after the classes and program sessions

9. Changing the time slots is not allowed except in extraordinary situations

10. Please provide the name of the previous coach if available. If you are  new, just type new or leave it blank.

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