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Activity Description

Enjoy wakeboarding at Bahrain's first and only cable park, using an overhead cable system to pull you as you ride the water makes wakeboarding and watersports easier and safer than ever.

No previous experience is required, our instructors will  teach you the skills needed to perfect your riding whether you are new to watersports, or a seasoned wakeboarder wanting to learn a new trick, we are there to help you learn.

Venue: Atol 2 Beach, Durrat Al Bahrain

Terms & Conditions:

  1. A 'Single Session' includes 15 minutes of ride time that cannot be split. A 'Double Session' includes two 15 minute sessions of ride time that must be consumed on the same day. 'Unlimited' will grant the rider as much ride time as they like, limited only to 15 minutes per session if another rider is waiting to ride.
  2. Durrat Al Bahrain is a gated community and you must have access to be able to reach the park, access cannot be given by Bahrain Wake.
  3. Riders must be able to swim confidently.
  4. Please arrive a minimum of 15 minutes prior to your session timing to allow us to help you get setup with your gear as well as sign a waiver.
  5. A waiver must be signed by all new riders before riding.
  6. Under aged riders must have their parents or guardians sign a waiver on their behalf.
  7. Prepare to get wet, come with your swimwear, we also advise sunblock.
  8. Changing rooms and showers are available on site, please allow for time to get ready before your session timing.
  9. Bookings may be rescheduled by Bahrain Wake subject to weather condition & availability.
  10. Amount is non refundable if cancelled within 48 hours. You can reschedule your booking once, as long as its before 24 hours of your booking Full amount will be refunded in case of cancellation before 48 hours.
  11. Please note that your session has to start on time, late arrival may cause you to loose your spot.
  12. Bahrain Wake, its staff members, and representatives reserve the right to refuse to service anyone.

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